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Entry #2


2009-08-11 19:52:21 by Publius22

To anyone that reads: thank you.

Now then, I know I've promised Mario and Luigi part 3 for some time now (3-4 years) but my last visit has really inspired me to push forward. I can't give anyone an exact date or time or year for that matter, but I will promise this: It will get done and it may be disappointing. At the moment I'm trying to work out the disappointment factor but if all fails, enter with an open mind. If you haven't seen my other two, check 'em out if you want to. I can't also promise that you'll like them but it will give you somewhat of an idea as to what leads into the new part. Of course you don't need to watch them but they are there for your enjoyment, or bash, whenever you've got some time.

Until next time,
Publius22, serving the fine people of Malta since 1989


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